Press coverage

Underbecks has appeared in a number of publications since it was completed in July 2006:

The Sunday Times, 5th January 2008
At Number 67 in the "100 Summer Holidays for 2008"

"Is this the coolest holiday cottage in Britain? We'd like to know what can beat it. Built in 2006 in a wonderful spot overlooking South Sands in Devon, sleekly modern Underbecks is all modish beige, taupe and acres of glass, to make the most of the tremendous views across to oh-so-trendy Salcombe. Heating and lighting are computer-controlled, and it has a digital-music library with surround sound in most rooms, home cinema, 5MB [broadband,] WiFi, the lot. We're talking South Hams prices, mind: to sleep 12, you're looking at 1,828 in May or 6,332 in August through Helpful Holidays (01647 434063, Choke if you like, but it was booked out last year."

The full article is available at Times Online

November 2006 - Life on the Edge

"So my admiration for this house, Underbecks, was not just for the house itself, but for the sheer difficulty and ingenuity involved in building on what is basically a cliff overlooking the beach."

"Outside, I was struck by the feeling of something clinging to a cliff with talons of steel, and concrete dug deep into the rock, but inside by the graceful feeling of air and light - both from the sky and reflected up from the sea. It succeeds in feeling like a delicate structure merely perched there, balanced on the edge of a cliff. And the view! Of course it's a fantastic view up the Kingsbridge Estuary, but it changes dramatically. At high tide it overlooks deep blue sea and feels very much like a cliff-top house; at low tide its aspect over South Sands makes it feel like being in a beach hut, like part of the daily life of the beach. And to a large extent, of course, the house is the view. Once inside you're aware of it all the time; nothing else can compete with it and it constantly commands your attention. The house virtually tells you that its purpose is to enable you to sit there, either inside or outside on the terrace, and your purpose is to enjoy the view"

Neville Stannikk

February 2007

"A mixture of Arts and Crafts and Devonshire vernacular, the building is contemporary but in harmony with the local seaside houses."

Web coverage

The Original Salcombe blog - The UK's two best holiday homes. We like this one, although we keep the sun in Summer until much later than 4pm and much later than Salcombe! The sun shines down the valley behind South Sands beach until well into the evening during Summer.