History: Bolt Head

We're not too sure of the dates of these photos, but think this one was taken around 1900. We know that the building that became Tower Cottage was built in 1920, so this pre-dates that. We've seen lots of other photos of the area taken in 1896, which seems to have been a good year for photography, so perhaps this was too...

This next one we think dates from the 1930s or thereabouts

You can see the original 1920s cottage on top of the cliff (above the word HEAD) and behind a conifer. We hope to find more images and facts about the area over time, now that we're not so preoccupied with the build.

The "tower" that presumably justified the name change to Tower Cottage was added in the 1970s along with the Living Room, a sauna, a shower room (closet would be more accurate) and a tiny bunk room. Here is part of a 1980 planning application that we received with the house documents: