2005: Building starts

In February 2005 the building work finally started in earnest, with completion scheduled for the end of November.

First, the existing driveway had to be shored up with metal "soldiers" so that it could take the weight of heavy plant. This enabled the excavation to start. Spoil was lifted up to the top in two stages; first the small digger would move it up to the half way stage then the large digger would move it into trucks for removal.

Much of the delay to the build was caused by the steepness of the site. Most materials were shuttled down to the main site from the drive in this way. After the excavation was complete the retaining wall was built in multiple stages, with a LOT of concrete.

Once the bottom sections of the wall were complete, work started on the house itself.

August 2005: An expensive tea-break. Apparently, the safety fence was taken down for each tea-break - so as not to interfere with the view - then reassembled again afterwards. A Seal and a Basking Shark were spotted as a result.

Only way out for this machine was by crane.

November 2005: First floor now mostly complete.

Retaining wall now mostly complete too.

December 2005: Roof starts

Oil tank goes in underneath the drive.

Front of house starts to take shape.